Secondary/Adolescent Teacher

Secondary/Adolescent teachers instruct students in public or private schools in one or more subjects, such as English, mathematics, music, art, biology, chemistry, social studies, etc.

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How to begin your career path at Jefferson:

Jefferson Community College can help link you to a career in secondary/adolescent education in a number of different ways:

  • Science Teacher: If you wish to begin preparation for becoming a biology, earth science, chemistry or physics teacher, a good path at Jefferson would be to enroll in its A.S. in Mathematics & Sciences-Science Concentration degree.

  • Mathematics Teacher: If you would like to prepare to become a mathematics teacher, your most likely path would be through the A.S. in Mathematics & Sciences-Mathematics Concentration degree.  

  • Social Studies, English, Etc. Teacher: The career path at Jefferson that leads to preparation to become a social studies teacher, English teacher, second language teacher, etc., would be through the Associate in Arts Humanities & Social Sciences degree.  In this degree, for example, a future social studies teacher would take required general education courses and, through advisement enroll in history, political science, philosophy and economics courses. A prospective English teacher would be able to take additional courses in literature, poetry and creative writing, etc., within this degree through Concentrations in Creative Writing or Literature.  At the four year college, a student would major in their chosen field of study, take the required education courses and complete a student teaching assignment.  Permanent certification varies by state, but in New York, a Master’s degree is eventually required in all teaching fields.  JCC also has a transfer degree in Physical Education, listed separately in CAREERlink.

    All of the above degrees are designed to prepare students to transfer to a four year college to complete their Bachelor’s degree.  Students should work closely with their faculty advisor and transfer/career counselors in planning for transfer to a four year college or assistance with exploring this career field.  The above degrees enable a student to transfer easily to many of the SUNY institutions that have teacher certification programs.  Popular SUNY transfer schools are Potsdam, Oswego, Cortland, Brockport, Plattsburgh, etc., with Le Moyne College, Syracuse University, St. John Fisher College and The College of St. Rose providing private options.  Jefferson also has a Teaching Assistant Certificate program for those who wish to enter this related field.

Start at Jefferson/Transfer Opportunities:

Recommended Course Background

  • Algebra
  • English language arts
  • Psychology
  • Public speaking
  • Second Languages
Meet a Professional
  • Abel Larkin
     I teach 7th-12th grade math, Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus, including offering credit through
  • Michelle Lamon
     I am head of the English Dept. and I oversee curriculum and mentor younger professionals. 
  • Valerie H. Pond
    Teach Algebra 2/Trigonometry at Carthage Central School, teach MTH 185 (PreCalculus) and MTH 221(Calcu