Website Designer/ Specialist

A website specialist/designer is responsible for the technical aspects of Web site creation.  Using software languages and tools, they create applications for the Web. They identify a site’s users and oversee its production and implementation.  They determine the information that the site will contain and how it will be organized, and may use Web development software to integrate databases and other information systems.  Some of these workers may be responsible for the visual appearance of Web sites. Using design software, they create pages that appeal to the tastes of the site’s users.  Additionally, they may responsible for maintaining Web sites and oversee issues such as availability to users and speed of access.

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How to begin your career path at Jefferson:

Jefferson Community College can help link you to a career as in website design through its Associate of Applied Science degree in Computer Information Technology.  This degree provides students with skills and knowledge that match the needs of local employers for technology generalists who have a broad background and the ability to solve problems with a wide variety of technology tools. The program parallels an emerging national standard in Information Technology Education developed by the Association for Computing Machinery.  The CIT AAS program will educate students as generalists in multiple computer-related skill areas.  Please refer to the department web pages for a more detailed look at this program and our related A.S degree in Computer Information Systems.   Students should work closely with their faculty advisor and transfer/career counselors when discussing the appropriate degree program that suits their needs.

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Computer Information Technology, A.A.S.

Recommended Course Background

  • Algebra
  • Business
  • Communications
  • Computer Applications
  • Electronics
  • English language arts
Meet a Professional
  • Aaron Horeth
     My job entails writing software and developing webpages. I also am in charge of maintaining the