A Message from the President

The 2014 – 2015 year at Jefferson Community College was exemplified by the College’s ten-year reaccreditation by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.   The Commission commended the College for the quality of our self-study process and report.  The accreditation process is rigorous and exhaustive and affirms the high quality educational environment at Jefferson.

In March the College hosted the Fort Drum “listening session” and rally which was an incredible event bringing thousands of community members to campus to show their support for Fort Drum.  It was a magnificent day and the College was proud to be the host site.

Jefferson continued building for the future when we broke ground for the new Collaborative Learning Center.  Parking and walkways on campus were reconfigured to support adding this student-centered innovative facility.  When the building opens in the spring, it will be a hub for student support services and engagement. 

Residential life at Jefferson is in full-swing and has become an integral part of our campus community.  Residential students were surveyed about their experience living in East Hall and reported what we knew – it is a tremendous living and learning environment.

Recognizing that many of our students who finish their programs in the fall are unable to return in the spring to celebrate commencement, we added our first-ever fall commencement program.  Students and their families greatly appreciated having a fall commencement and, like the residence halls, it is here to stay. 

Thank you for your continued support of Jefferson.  I hope you’ll take the time to read about some of the many exciting things going on at the College.  I always welcome your comments and feedback (cmccoy@sunyjefferson.edu).

Carole A. McCoy
President, Jefferson Community College

Our Mission

Learning is the focus of Jefferson Community College. Through excellence in teaching, innovative services, and community partnerships, the College advances the quality of life of our students and community.

Our Vision

Jefferson Community College will be a dynamic educational leader, transforming lives and our community.

Strategic Themes

Theme 1:  Student Success and Completion
Embrace a student-centric culture where student success remains the highest priority of the institution, anchored by excellent academic programs and student services.

The College is commended for the establishment of Collaborative Learning Center, and the resultant increase in student use of both tutoring and library services.
~ Middle States Team Report, April 2015


Theme 2:  Educational Opportunities
Proactively identify and respond to evolving educational opportunities as comprehensively as possible by providing affordable, quality learning opportunities in the locations, timeframes, and formats that best serve student and community needs.

Faculty are commended for their unique work in the Center for Community Studies. This commitment to student learning allows students to engage in meaningful research that complements classroom study.
~ Middle States Team Report, April 2015


Theme 3: Growth and Infrastructure
Improve the capacity and flexibility of the college infrastructure to accommodate higher enrollment, new programs, and evolving student needs.

The College is commended for the quality and implementation of its Facilities Master Plan and for realizing substantial energy savings through energy performance contracts.
~ Middle States Team Report, April 2015


Theme 4:  Sustainability
Ensure long term sustainability by managing expenses and revenues responsibly without compromising educational outcomes.

The College is to be commended for continually exploring opportunities to reduce operating expenses through a variety of creative approaches and reallocations of funds to support its strategic goals. This is a formidable task that comes at a time when the public, as well as the federal and state governments, are expecting more from the College.
~ Middle States Team Report, April 2015

Theme 5:  Organizational Excellence
Cultivate a culture that values and promotes excellence and furthers a climate that empowers our workforce, tolerates risk, embraces change, and seeks continuous improvement.

The college leadership team is commended for fostering a positive environment on campus evidenced by the collegiality among various campus constituencies.
~ Middle States Team Report, April 2015



Jefferson County Legislators

Carolyn Fitzpatrick, Chair
Michael J. Docteur, Vice Chair
Jennie M. Adsit
Anthony J. Doldo
Allen T. Drake
Robert D. Ferris
Scott A. Gray
Patrick R. Jareo
William W. Johnson
Jeremiah J. Maxon
Daniel R. McBride
Michael Montigelli
James A. Nabywaniec
John D. Peck
Philip N. Reed, Sr.


JCC Board of Trustees

James P. Scordo, Chair
Terry N. Fralick, Vice Chair
Cailey M. Burrows, Student Trustee
David J. Clark
Michael W. Crowley
Steven C. Haas
Nathan P. Hunter
Doris G. McLallen
Michelle D. Pfaff
Lisa A. Weber