A Message from the President

2015 – 2016 was a year focused on innovative ways to increase student success and help students realize their dreams of completing a degree. 

The grand openings of the Deans Collaborative Learning Center and Gregor Building brought state-of-the-art library, tutoring, studying, classroom, and lab spaces.  They are a wonderful complement to East Hall, the College’s residence hall.  Students love the new spaces and services as do faculty and staff.  

The College was awarded several grants that allow us to provide additional services to help a broad spectrum of students personally and professionally including students who are veterans, low-income, first in their family to attend college, or under-represented minorities.  Participation in these programs is high and we are seeing early results that are very positive.

While there is much more I could share, the highlight of the year for me was handing her diploma to 91-year old graduate Marjorie L. (Parker) Clark.  Mrs. Clark actually graduated in 1983 after beginning college as a 56-year old student and says that value of earning a college degree is a “sense of accomplishment.”  A member of her family discovered that Mrs. Clark’s diploma cover was empty and the College stepped in to make it right.  According to her family, Mrs. Clark inspired her children, grand-children, and great grand-children (44 in all) to complete their educations with eleven of her family members attending Jefferson.  The look of joy on Mrs. Clark’s face and her words about what completing her education meant to her say it all.  Jefferson Community College transforms lives.

Thank you for your continued support of Jefferson.  I hope you’ll take the time to read about some of the many exciting things going on at the College.  I always welcome your comments and feedback (cmccoy@sunyjefferson.edu).

Carole A. McCoy
President, Jefferson Community College

Our Mission

Learning is the focus of Jefferson Community College. Through excellence in teaching, innovative services, and community partnerships, the College advances the quality of life of our students and community.

Our Vision

Jefferson Community College will be a dynamic educational leader, transforming lives and our community.

Strategic Plan Accomplishments

Theme 1: Student Success and Completion
Embrace a student-centric culture where student success remains the highest priority of the institution, anchored by excellent academic programs and student services.
  • Jefferson adopted SUNY's College Completion 2020 Challenge and applied for several major grants that could serve to improve retention.  The College was awarded three of those grants - for Veterans: Boots, Books and Beyond, a Community School grant and an Equal Opportunity Program (EOP) program. 
  • To optimize flexibility for students, adult learners in particular, the College took two existing programs and developed hybrid/online modes to complete a degree in business administration and a certificate in accounting.


Theme 2:  Educational Opportunities
Proactively identify and respond to evolving educational opportunities as comprehensively as possible by providing affordable, quality learning opportunities in the locations, timeframes, and formats that best serve student and community needs.
  • Concurrent enrollment (EDGE) courses were made available at additional schools within Jefferson's service area.
  • The College established a partnership with Lewis County to offer workforce training in Lewis County.
  • An inmate education program was offered at the Cape Vincent Correctional Facility.


Theme 3: Growth and Infrastructure
Improve the capacity and flexibility of the college infrastructure to accommodate higher enrollment, new programs, and evolving student needs.
  • The newly constructed Deans Collaborative Learning Center (CLC) opened in March 2016 and the renovated Gregor Building opened in August 2016.  The Deans CLC offers comprehensive student support services and study space, along with the library in one convenient location.  The Gregor Building provides state of the art labs and simulation space for the College's nursing and paramedic programs. Additional renovations include a new music studio, updated amphitheater and repurposed science lab.
  • Design for a comprehensive "one stop" for enrollment-related services was finalized. The renovation of existing space on campus is set to begin in Fall 2016.
  • Numerous sustainability and energy savings programs were implemented - ranging from the installation of new Ice Chiller plants to energy efficient HVAC system to tree plantings on campus --  saving Jefferson tens of thousands of dollars.


Theme 4:  Sustainability
Ensure long term sustainability by managing expenses and revenues responsibly without compromising educational outcomes.
  • Jefferson was successful in securing $1.1 million in grant funding including several multi-year awards.
  • The College completed implementation of the installation of an Educational Data Warehouse which enhances data-driven decision making on campus.
  • Recruitment expanded beyond Jefferson County and the residence hall opened for the Fall 2015 semester at 101% occupancy.


Theme 5:  Organizational Excellence
Cultivate a culture that values and promotes excellence and furthers a climate that empowers our workforce, tolerates risk, embraces change, and seeks continuous improvement.
  • The College established the Center for Professional Excellence which provides opportunities for faculty and staff to collaborate and demonstrate innovative and unique teaching methods and classroom technologies.
  • Numerous college committees and procedures were streamlined to improve efficiencies and empower faculty and staff in decision making processes.
  • Jefferson selected a new software program that will be implemented in 2016-2017 to improve and streamline internal communications and sharing of information in a cost effective and timely fashion.
  • Administration, faculty and staff invested time and resources in an exploration of the College's diversity of employees, students and programming and formulated a new Diversity Plan for the institution.

Jefferson County Legislators

Scott A. Gray, Chair
William W. Johnson, Vice Chair
Jennie M. Adsit
Michael J. Docteur
Anthony J. Doldo
Allen T. Drake
Robert D. Ferris
Carolyn D. Fitzpatrick
Patrick R. Jareo
William W. Johnson
Jeremiah J. Maxon
Daniel R. McBride
Michael Montigelli
James A. Nabywaniec
John D. Peck
Philip N. Reed, Sr.


JCC Board of Trustees

Terry N. Fralick, Chair
Nathan P. Hunter, Vice Chair
Reganne H, Smith, Student Trustee
Pamela  Beyor-Murtha
Michael W. Crowley
Judith L. Gentner
Elizabeth C. Fipps
Steven C. Haas
David J. Males
Lisa A. Weber