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SUNY Jefferson CSTEP Application

SUNY Jefferson CSTEP students are entitled to many benefits through funding from the college and the NYS Education Department. These benefits and opportunities are designed to help you be successful in achieving career goals in the licensed professions and/or STEM fields. These benefits include (but are not limited to): Transfer college exposure and assistance, Academic and professional workshops, Tutoring, Supplemental Instruction, Free Lunch with CSTEP Faculty Mentors, Calculator and Course Access codes, Resume, Application, and Professional assistance, Stipends for travel to conferences and workshops, and Stipends for completing internship or research in your field of study. We are excited to see how we can help you accomplish your career goals and welcome you to our CSTEP, statewide family. Here we go...

You may check more than one if you'd like to see invitations and announcements more than once - might be a good thing.

An * indicates that financial eligibility will be obtained by our office; CHECK ALL THAT APPLY:

Application submittal does not mean that you are automatically a CSTEP student; this application will be reviewed by the Directors of the CSTEP program and once eligibility is determined you will be notified to make an appointment with the CSTEP Director. Once there are 100 students accepted applicants are screened on a case by case basis; and a waiting list is created. I understand that I will need to meet minimum attendance and participation requirements for the program but am encouraged to take advantage of as many CSTEP provided opportunities as possible for improved success in reaching my career goals.