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Honors Program Application

APPLYING FOR ADMISSION TO JCC HONORS PROGRAM Congratulations on taking a step toward academic excellence by applying to the Jefferson Community College Honors Program! The Honors Program is an academic program of study designed to benefit individuals with proven scholarly ability and an interest in education for its own sake. Please follow the directions below for application to the program.

Application Required Components:



Personal Data

*If you are applying while still in high school, skip to High School Data.

College Data
High School Data
Academic Honors
Extracurricular and Personal Activities

Please list your extracurricular, community, and family activities. Also, include how much time you spend per activity per week, how long you have been involved in each activity, and any positions held or honors received while participating in these activities.

Work Experience

Please list any jobs you have held, starting with the most recent.



Please submit a typed essay that addresses the following:

  1. Discuss any learning or educational experience which has left a lasting impression on your life.
  2. The Honors Program is designed for students who have demonstrated and have the potential for academic excellence. How would you define “academic excellence?”
  3. Why do you want to join the Honors Program at Jefferson Community College?