SUNY Jefferson

Agri-Business AAS

Program Type: Career
Delivery Method: On-campus 
Personal Interests: Agriculture, farming, business
Skill Development: Farm to table, farming management, agriculture marketing
Career Options: Agriculture industry, business owner
Program Code: HEGIS 5402

Increase your agricultural business 

The Agri-Business A.A.S. program is designed to provide technical and business training for established local business enterprises and to increase their profitability and expand their customer base outside of the greater Jefferson-Lewis County areas with educated and well-trained staff. 

The program consists of core requirements in the humanities, social sciences, and sciences in addition to an in-depth concentration in agri-business and business administration. Major emphasis is placed upon agri-business operations, marketing, sales and management of agricultural products.

This program offers:

  • Best practices from others in the agriculture industry 
  • Networking opportunities with local farm and business owners
  • Ideas to implement in your own business 

What you learn, you can apply

Graduating from the Agri-Business A.A.S. degree program you will be able to:

  • Understand the roles of agriculture in northern New York’s economy and employment
  • Marketing techniques for agribusiness products
  • Relate how technology impacts the agriculture industry
  • Analyze of how food systems and sustainability practices compare to traditional farming practices
  • Learn while doing through applied learning in various agriculture fields

Your career in agriculture & business

You will acquire transferable skills in agriculture, finance, and business management that can be used for careers with small farms, government organizations, or commercial businesses.

Jobs such as agricultural supply store manager, farm owner, agronomy technician, farm machinery salesperson are some options.

Agriculture is a major employer in the northern New York region. According to a study titled “Agriculture-Based Economic Development in NYS: Trends and Prospects” published by the Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management of Cornell University, the agriculture and food system employment in this local region of New York State totaled 5,044 jobs in agricultural production, 1,307 jobs in food and beverage manufacturing, and, if clustered with employment in chemical and equipment manufacturing and related food and beverage retail, the total direct and agriculture related employment in the North Country region accounts for 24,551 jobs.

Transfer to the bachelor’s program of your choice

Although the degree is designed to prepare you for a career when you graduate, some students choose to continue on to a bachelor's degree program.  We help make that easy too.   Jefferson has transfer agreements to make the process smooth, but your credits will transfer to most other schools.  Our formal transfer agreements for the Agri-Business A.A.S. program are:

  • SUNY Cobleskill, Agricultural Business Management B.T.
  • SUNY Canton, Agribusiness Management B.B.A. 

Degree requirements for Agri-Business A.A.S.

Agri-Business Requirements (19 credit hours)

AGB/WIN 100: Northern New York Agriculture
AGB/CUL 105: Grow-Prep-Eat: Farm to Table
AGB 109: Survey of Horticulture Industry Applications
AGB 111: Survey of Agri-Business Technologies 
AGB 207: Marketing and Sales of Agricultural Products
AGB 209: Trends in Agriculture
AGB 231: Agriculture Law and Regulations
AGB 275: Agri-Business Internship
ZOO 114: Domestic Animal Industries

Business/Winery Marketing and Operations Requirements (19 Credit Hours)

ACC 101: Accounting Principles 1
BUS 112: Introduction to Business
BUS 124: Marketing or WIN 201: Winery Marketing and Management
BUS 131: Principles of Management or BUS 221: Human Resource Management
BUS 160: Spreadsheet Applications
Business Elective or Winery Elective

Liberal Arts Requirements (20-21 credit hours)

ENG 101: Research and Composition
English Elective
Math Elective (MTH 125 or higher)
BIO 105: Environmental Biology or BIO 111: General Biology or BIO 131: Principles of Biology 1
Economics Elective
STA 151: Public Speaking or STA 161: Interpersonal Communication
BIO 121: Animal Nutrition

Free Elective (2-3 credit hours)

TOTAL 60-62 credit hours

Program contact

Alissa Donnell
Assistant Professor of Agri-business
(315) 786-2503

Application and Admissions Information
Enrollment Services
Jules Center, building 6, suite 6-010
(315) 786-2437 or toll free 1-888-435-6522