SUNY Jefferson

Computer Information Systems AS

Program Type: Transfer
Delivery Method: On-campus 
Personal Interests: Passion for technology, working with computers, figuring out how things work
Skill Development: Problem evaluation and problem-solving, computer system and software design, creativity
Career Options: Business, government, education, not-for-profit
Program Code: HEGIS 5104

Skills for a changing and popular field

Technology is ever-changing and Jefferson's Computer Information Systems A.S. is built to provide a solid foundation in what companies are looking for in a computer professional and to provide a solid transfer path to a bachelor's degree program of your choice.

As a student, you’ll gain hands-on experience in business and computer information systems, how to create the systems and the appropriate structure. 

If you are in the program, you are required to buy or lease a computer for home use.

This program offers:

  • Transfer readiness for a variety of IT and computer science bachelor's degrees - parallel to the first two years of a four-year degree
  • Hands-on learning with seasoned faculty members
  • Cost savings on general education classes

Learn to develop and customize computer technology

When you graduate with your Computer Information Systems (CIS) A.S. degree you will be able to:

  • Develop skills in analysis and design for systems
  • Build programs using an object-oriented approach
  • Hone problem-solving skills and use algebraic methods
  • Perform quantitative analysis
  • Communicate effectively

Computer Requirements: Students entering this program are required to purchase or lease a professional computer system for home use. Computers are an integral part of all course instruction within the Computer Information Systems A.S. program.

Get the career you want in a growing industry

This program prepares you to analyze business information needs and prepare specifications and requirements for appropriate data system solutions. Once you complete you bachelor’s degree, you can land many jobs including:

  • Entry-level programmers or programmer analysts
  • Microcomputer support specialist
  • Software engineer
  • Systems analyst
  • Systems integrator
  • Systems designer
  • Database manager and/or administration
  • Interface specialist
  • Product support professional and/or technical support specialist

Transfer to the bachelor's degree program of your choice

You will have many transfer opportunities to consider.  Many CIS graduates transfer to SUNY Polytechnic Institute with full junior status. Additionally, Jefferson has partnered with some select academic institutions and developed agreements that help students transfer smoothly to programs.

Currently, formal transfer agreements exist with:

  • SUNY Empire State College
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • Franklin University. - transfer programs include: Computer Science, B.S.; Digital Communication, B.S.; Information Technology, B.S.; Management Information Systems, B.S.

Degree Requirements for Computer Information Systems A.S. 

Computer Information Systems (15 credit hours)

CIS 111: Operating System Environments 
CIS 116: Introductory Programming 
CIS 216: Advanced Programming 
CIS 225: Assembly Language 
CIS 250: Data Structures 

Business (8 credit hours)

ACC 101: Accounting Principles 1 
ACC 102: Accounting Principles 2 

Liberal Arts (38-41 credit hours)

Economics Elective: ECO 101: Macroeconomics or ECO 102: Microeconomics
ENG 101: Research and Composition 
ENG 102: Literature and Composition 
ENG 218: Technical and Professional Writing 

Humanities Elective

Select from the areas of The Arts or Foreign Language in the SUNY General Education Course List

Mathematics Electives1 (11 credit hours)

Select from the area of Mathematics in the SUNY General Education Course List

Science Electives (5 credit hours)

Select from the area of Natural Sciences in the SUNY General Education Course List

Social Science Elective

Select from the areas of American History, Western Civilization or Other World Civilizations in the SUNY General Education Course List

Free Elective (3 credit hours)

Approved Elective2 (3 credit hours)

Select from BUS, MTH, BIO, CHE, GEO, PHY, or SCI

Total 64 credit hours

1A total of 11 hours of mathematics courses are required under the Mathematics Elective section.
2Courses tailored to the career needs of the student, to be chosen in consultation with academic advisor from the BUS, Science, or Mathematics offerings. 


“Teaching in this discipline is like having the ground move under your feet. The material is ever changing.”Jack N. Donato
Professor of Computer Science

Program contacts

Jack N. Donato
Computer Science/Energy Department Chair and Professor of Computer Science
(315) 786-2455

C.J. Jackson
Assistant Professor of Computer Science
(315) 786-2429

Application and Admissions Information
Enrollment Services
Jules Center, building 6, suite 6-010
(315) 786-2437 or toll free 1-888-435-6522