Academic Coaching
SUNY Jefferson
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Academic Coaching

This service is designed to help you succeed!

If you want help learning how to balance life and school,  increase your motivation to succeed or if you have struggled with a class, then this program is for you!

Our academic coaches help you to recognize and improve your personal strengths and how to overcome challenges you might face. 

Coaching, the academic version

Academic coaches will:

  • Provide some skills and strategies for you to become a student
  • Help recognize and remove obstacles that can interfere with your success
  • Focus your individual goals and help identify the steps and ways to reach them
  • Work with you to develop strong time-management and organizational skills
  • Motivate you to take ownership of your own academic success
  • Refer you to other services on campus which may help meet specific needs

Remember, you are ultimately responsible for what you learn--take advantage of all opportunities!

For additional information or to sign-up for an appointment stop by the first floor of the Deans Collaborative Learning Center or call (315) 786-2288.



Rebecca Small-Kellogg
Director of Educational Planning & Veterans Services