Conflict of Interest Policy
SUNY Jefferson
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Conflict of Interest Policy

Jefferson Community College Board of Trustees


The Jefferson Community College Board of Trustees recognize the importance of declaring their responsibility against conflicts of interest which might compromise their ethical values and the integrity and objectivity perception by the College community. The Board ensures the impartiality of the governing body. Therefore, a formal Conflict of Interest Policy was developed with the intention that the attached questionnaire will be completed by Members of the Board of Trustees each year at their annual meeting. Should a new Board Member be appointed after the annual meeting, the questionnaire shall be completed immediately following appointment. The questionnaires shall be kept on file by the Board Secretary.


Certain terms in this document are used with specific meanings, as defined in this section.

  1. Related Persons: For this Policy, defined as the Member's spouse and the Member or their spouse’s parents, grandparents, children, grandchildren, any variation of great-grandchildren, brothers and sisters. Adopted, half, and step members of any of the preceding group of relatives are also included as "Related Persons." Any firm, partnership or association of which such Member is also an employee or member, any corporation which such Member is an officer, director or employee or in which they own more than five (5%) of the shares or stock thereof, shall also be considered "Related Persons" for the purposes of this policy.

  2. Contract: For this policy, defined as any claim, account or demand against or agreement, express or implied, and shall include the designation of a depository of Jefferson Community College funds. 


The Jefferson Community College Board of Trustees recognizes a shared responsibility to ensure that they conduct themselves in an unbiased manner and serve the goals of the College. It is thus the responsibility of each member of the Board to guard against conflicts of interest that might compromise the integrity and perception of objectivity by the College community. Further, we expect all Members and employees to maintain the highest standards of professionalism and integrity while performing their duties as a Member and while their membership represents and reflects upon the community's perception of the Board, as a whole.

It is the policy of the Jefferson Community College Board of Trustees that:

  1. Members of the Board shall not participate in any institutional decisions involving personal benefits such as appointments, retentions, promotions, Contracts (as defined herein) or awards for themselves or any Related Persons (as defined herein).

  2. Members shall not have a direct or indirect interest or benefit in any contract, be it pecuniary or material, nor shall they negotiate, prepare, authorize or approve the contract or authorize payment thereunder, nor shall they audit bills or claims under the contract or appoint an officer or employee who has any of the preceding powers, in any contract, agreement or business dealings with any firm, partnership or association of which such Member is also an employee or member, any corporation which such Member is an officer, director or employee or in which they own more than five (5%) of the shares thereof, or any form of business ventures or enterprises that have dealings with the College.

  3. Members in a position to influence a College business decision for which he/she has a direct or indirect financial interest that might reasonably tend to conflict with the proper discharge of his or her official duties must disclose the nature of the conflict, and, must recuse or remove himself/herself from involvement in the decision-making process of the Board.

  4. Members shall not solicit nor accept, for personal or any Related Person's (as defined herein) gain, any gift of more than nominal value, whether in the form of money, service, loan, travel, entertainment, hospitality, thing or promise, or in any other form, under circumstances in which it could reasonably be inferred that the gift was intended to influence him, or could reasonably be expected to influence him, in the performance of his official duties or that was intended, or could be reasonably inferred to be a reward for any official, whether previous, future or concurrent, action made by said Member.

  5. Members shall not make use of or disclose confidential information gained during the course of, or as a result of their membership on the Board, nor shall they use such confidential information to further their personal interests or the personal interests of any Related Person.

  6. Members shall not use or attempt to use his or her official position to secure unwarranted privileges or exemptions for himself or herself or others.

Further, The Board of Trustees of Jefferson Community College recognize that New York State General Municipal Law, Article 18 (§800 et seq.) contains provisions of law relative to conflicts of interest of municipal officers and employees (see General Municipal Law, §800{4],{5]), and affirms that any conduct prohibited by
such sections is also prohibited by this Policy.

ADOPTED: Res. 171-23, July 2023