Honors Option Proposal Form
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Honors Option Proposal Form

Complete this form before midterms to submit an Honors Option. You should complete this form after you have discussed your project with your instructor.

Note:  If you cannot complete the project described above for any reason, your course grade should be computed in the same manner as for all other students in the course. You will not be penalized for failing to complete an option.  However, you will not receive for completing an Honors Option in this class.

When a student successfully completes an Option, the instructor should email the Coordinator with the student’s name and the name of the course.

This form will be emailed directly to the Honors Coordinator. If you need help or are unsure what to do, contact your Honors Coordinator, Dr. Josh Canale (jcanale@sunyjefferson.edu).

Be sure to include the medium you will use (presentation, paper, video, etc.) [A minimum of 150 words is recommended]
(All Options must be completed by the end of finals, but some instructors may have earlier due dates)